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Thassos Island - Museums

The Archaeological Museum of Thassos

In Limenas you will find the Archeological Museum of Thassos, one of the richest museums in Macedonia . Here you can admire a collection of unique antiquities dating from the 7 th century BC to the 7 th century AD . Many of these ancient treasures are being exibited free, in the museum garden.

The first museum was built in 1934 . The expansion of the museum started in 1990 and continues until today

The Museum of Polygnotos Vagis (Potamia)

Polygnotos Vagis
Polygnotos Vagis at
the door of his countryhouse 
in Bethpage, Long Island (1958)

Here you can see sculptures and paintings of this world famous artist who was born here in 1892 and emigrated to New York as a young man where he studied at the Institute of Fine Arts . Later he took on American citizenship. In 1923 he was provided with an art laboratory by Harry Payne Whitney and won a scholarship with the Whitney Muesum Club.

Located in the sculptor's birthplace (Potamia - Thasos), The Polygnotos Vagis Museum was founded in August 1981 , under the aegis of the Department for Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that honored the sculptor's wish, who has left his last will in his testament: " I leave all my works to the people and government of Greece with the proviso that they be placed in a national museum or library built by preference on the island of Thasos, the land of my birth ". (June 2, 1964).

The exibits include 98 sculptures and 15 paintings . Vagi's first period (1919-1930) was influenced by Mythology and History, both ancient and modern. His second period (after the year 1930) has been influenced by modern art. 

Polygnotos Vagis Museum (interior)

The Vagis Museum houses traditional, realistic, and abstract art by the artist Polygnotos Vagis .  This Thasian emigrant became one of the most important sculptors in the US . His works are displayed in many American museums today.  He died in New York on March 11 th , 1965 .

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