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Thassos Island - culture and tradition

Thassos is a significant cultural and artistic heritage, which distinguished the island since ancient times. Regarding the arts, one of the most famous artists in antiquity was Polygnotus, a pioneer of Hellenistic painting, painter and sculptor. His creation was so admired that when Cimon won Thassos Island, persuaded to come to Athens. Since then Polygnotus's talent was known all over the Greek world.

Other ancient artists were Thasieni Aglaophon, Polygnotus's father, who gave the latter the first drawing lessons. Polygnotus's brother, was Aristofhon, also painter, one of his most famous paintings is the one representing Philoctetes in pain. Also one of the most significant sculptors of antiquity is the Rhegium Pythagoras, who is assigned thasian Theogenis athlete statue.

In modern times, the artist who stands out and have paid tribute to the works and deeds of Thassos is Polygnotus Vaghis sculptor. His works are found in some of the best galleries in America and in various private collections.

And in the letters, Thassos has admirable representatives. Hegemon, who was born in Thassos, is considered the inventor of parody. He was also a great comedy writer, poet and actor. He moved to Athens in the Peloponnese war and became famous as a writer of comedies.

Other important people in the culture that came from Thassos were Stesimbrotus, contemporary sophist's Cimon and Pericles, and Androsthenis writer who accompanied Alexander the Great in his campaign against Asia.

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