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Thassos Island - Religious Holidays

Almost every village and every church in Thassos have their own festivities. Every festivity -"panigiri" - is mainly a local event where"kloubani" is served (a local food offered to all visitors). The best known religious festivities in Thassos are:

  • 7 January
    Timiou Prodromou - Agios Jiannis in Prinos
  • 17 January
    Agios Antonios in Potos
  • 18 January
    Agios Athanasios in Kastro
  • 10 February
    Agios Charalampos in Kazaviti and Panagia
  • 25 March
    Annunciation, Euaggelismou, church of Euaggelistria in Limenaria
  • Easter Monday
    residents of Theologos set off together for the monastery of Archagelos others on foot and others on decorated mules and donkeys
  • 3 days after Easter
    Ag. Georgios in Kazaviti. 
  • 40 days after Easter on the Ascension Day
    celebration at the church of village Sotiros
  • 50 days after Easter
    celebration at the church of the holly Trinity in Kinira
  • 8 May
    Agios Giannis in Theologos
  • 24 June
    Timiou Prodromou in Skala Maries
  • 28 June
    Ag. Apostolos in Kazaviti
  • 1 July
    Agion Anargiron in Skala Kalirachi
  • 7 July
    Agia Kiriaki in Prinos and Panagia
  • 11 July
    Agios Giannis Neomartira in Maries
  • 17 July
    Agia Marina in Kazaviti and Limenas
  • 15-28 July
    Kazavitiana in Mikro Kazaviti
  • 20 July
    Prophet Ilias in Panagia
  • 26 July
    Agia Paraskeui in Kazaviti and Theologos
  • 27 July
    Ag Panteleimon
  • 15 August
    Panagia at Panagia and Rachoni mainly and all over the island where a Panagia church exists. 15 August is celebrating in Thassos and general in Greece as Christmas and Easter
  • 29 August
    Agios Giannis
  • 14 October
    Agia Paraskeui in Theologos
  • 26 October
    Agios Dimitrios in Theologos, Kalivia and Limenaria
  • 8 November
    Archagellos Michael and Gabliel, in Maries
  • 30 November
    Agios Andreas in Prinos
  • 6 December
  • Agiao Nikolaos in Limenas, Limenaria, Prinos, Rachoni, Kalirachi and Potos
  • 15 December
  • Agios Elefterios in Limenaria

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