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Thassos Island - Restaurants, pubs

One of the things that Thassos is famous for is good food.Typical dishes include fried meatballs, octopus, shrimp, squid, goat cheese, olives and the famous tzatziki (yogurt, cucumbers and garlick).

For the evening meal, Greek tavernas serve such specialties as moussaka (lamb, eggplant and sauce), kabobs, pastitsio (lamb or goat meat  with macaroni and tomatoes), stifado (braised beef with onions) and paidakia (grilled lamb or goat chops).

You will find many restaurants, tavernas and ouzeri in all the tourist areas of Tahssos and many of them organize traditional "Greek nights" with local specialties.

Restaurants and taverns in Thassos:

  • Aliki

    • Beautiful Alice
      Tavern with traditional kitchen, established since 1967. Beautiful Alice is located beside the sea at thebeach of Aliki. Here they serve sun-dried octupus, meals baked in an oven,in the traditional way and meat roasted on the coals. They also serve home made halva and other home made sweets.
      Tel.: 0030/25930/31574, email:
  • Astris

    • Astris restaurant
      Astris Restaurant is directly at the beach in Astris - only approx. 6 km south of Potos. 
      Dimitris Voyatzis, 64002 Astris, Tel.: 0030/25930/51398 or 52823, Fax: 0030/25930/51398
  • Golden Beach

    • Restaurant Fedra 
      Tel.: +30-25930-61474, +30-25930-23523, +30-24310-26952
  • Kinira

    • Pansion and Tavern Agorastos
      Agorastos Dalgiannakis, 64004 Kinira / Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/41225 or 41258, Fax: 0030/25930/41258, email:
  • Limenaria

    • Pelikanos
      Pelicanos is not like the usual other tourist-taverns. Pelikanos is not only a restaurant, it is also a little museum. On the walls you can see old clocks, pictures, mirrors, goat-bells, old knives and tools. On the "menue" you have only the choice between Spaghetti Bolognese or chicken-soup. If you want other typical Greek dishes you can order one or two days before.
      Cafe Pelikanos, Soup & Spaghetti, 64002 Limenaria / Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/51698
  • Limenas (Thassos)

    • Restaurant Doukas 
      64004 Limenas (Thassos Town), Tel.: 0030/25930/23308
    • Tavern Virgina
      Tel.:22451 25930 0030
    • Tavern Mouses
      Stavros Glitsos, Tel.: 25930-23697
    • Restaurant Simi
      Tel.:+03 25930 22517, email:
    • The Twins Restaurant
      Tel.: 25930-22608, email:
  • Pachis

    • Tavern Pefkospilia 
      Tel.: 2593081051, Mobile: 6977658314
  • Pefkari

    • Restaurant Akti 
      Tel.: +30-25930-51877 / 51341 / 51854, Fax: +30-25930-51877
  • Potos

    • Akrogiali
      You will find Tavern Akrogiali directly at the promenade of the village Potos. 
      Here they serve fish and mussels, traditional Greek dishes or international dishes.
      64002 Potos / Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/52748 or 53106
    • Casa di Pizza
      This pizzeria is in the heart of Potos. They serve pizza, but they also serve spaghetti, salads and Greek dishes. You can also bring pizza at home. 
      64002 Potos, Tel.: 0030/25930/52777
    • Tavern Georgios 
      You will find this tavern, coming from Limenaria, on the right side of the mainstreet beside a souvenir shop. The dishes served are prepared exclusively by products of the island Thassos. Thavern Giorgios is known for very good quality and excellent service, being in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years.
    • Piaza Michalis
      64002 Potos, Tel/Fax: 0030/25930/52109 or 0030/25930/51574 or 0030/25930/57349, email:, web:
    • Restaurant Poseidon
      64002 Potos / Thassos
    • Tavern Ta5F
      Potos / Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/53221, email:
    • The Garden Grill
      64002 Potos / Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/51040
    • Tavern Irene
      Tavern Irene is one of the best restaurants in Potos, known for its traditional Greek dishes. It is also the best place for those who love sea food as they serve all kins of fish dishes, kalamari, shrimps or mussels.
      Konstantinos Melissopoulos, 64002 Potos, Tel.: 0030/25930/52485, email:
  • Psili Ammos

    • Psili Ammos
      64002 Psili Ammos - Thassos, Tel.: 0030/25930/52880, Fax: 0030/25930/52079
  • Skala Potamia

  • Skala Prinos

    • Tavern Zorbas
      64010 Thassos, Greece, Tel.: +30 25930 71364
  • Skala Rachoni

    • Kostas Tavern
      Tel.: 0030/25930/81187
    • Taverna (Cafe Grill) Ploumis
      Tel.: 2593081442
    • Gekas Tavern 
      Tel.: 25930- 81026, email:
  • Theologos

    • Tavern Kleoniki 
      Kostas Iatrou, 64002 Theologos, Tel.: 0030/25930/31000 or 31245
    • Tavern Lampiris
      Tel.: 2593031230, email: info@taverna-lambiris.g

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