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Thassos Island - Shopping

Thassos has an impressive variety of goods to offer shoppers, from jewelry to high quality leather goods and traditional products (olives, honey, olive oil, wine, sweets).

Shops are open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9 am-3 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday 9 am-8 pm.Tourist shops are open 9 am-10 pm. 7 days the week.

  • Astris - Astris
    CONTACT : Studios ASTRIS
    Giannis Voyatzis
    64002 Astris
    Tel.: 0030/25930/52821
  • Mathios - Astris
    This supermarket is on a small hill directly on the island's main road. Here you will find sweets, alcohol and softdrinks, cigarettes, postcards and beach requirement. You can also buy buss tickets.
    CONTACT : Mathios
    Dimitrios M. Mattheou
    64002 Astris
    Tel.: 0030/25930/51204
  • Blue Tatoo - Potos
    This is first Tattoo-studio in Potos. You will find Blue Tatoo opposite to the Internet - Café in Potos. Blue Tattoo is open every day between 5 pm and 11 pm. They speak very good German, Greek and some English.
    CONTACT : Blue Tattoo
    64002 Potos / Thassos
    Tel.: 0030/6977887909
  • Souvenir Shop Ena Ena - Potos
    Here you can find typical Greek sculptures, African masks and sculptures, Greek icons, photo frames etc.
    CONTACT : Souvenier-Shop Ena & Ena
    Potos / Thassos
  • Skondra - Potos
    You will find this shop at the beginning of the shopping street of Potos. This is one of the shops specialized in bioproducts. You can buy olive oil, honey, fruits, jam, sweets, cornflakes and cookies. They also sell various cosmetic articles (for example makeup removers, anti-aging-creme and foot creme), soaps and scented candles.
    CONTACT : Skondra - Bio-Shop
    6400 Potos / Thassos
  • Supermarket Thassos - Potos
    The supermarket is on the street to Theologos, across the car-scooter.
  • Chatzigeorgiou - Potos
    Chatzigeorgiou is a shop that sells fishing equipment.
    CONTACT : Chatzigeorgiou
    64002 Potos
  • Bakery Tsiknas - Potos
    You will find this bakery in the middle of Potos. They sell bread, croissants, cookies, biscuits, cakes, puddings or pizza. They also have products for diabetic persons.
    Opening-time: 07:00 a.m. - 13:00 p.m.
    17:00 p.m. - 24:00 p.m.
    CONTACT: Tel.: 0030/25930/51850
    Fax: 0030/25930/51602
  • Leatherlane - Greek leather - Limenas
    Here you can buy bags, rucksacks, purses, belts, shoes and jackets, made of leather or imitation leather.
    CONTACT: LEATHERLANE - Greek leather products
    Val Kyne
    Post-Box: 32
    64004 Limenas ( Thassos Town )
    Tel.: 0030/25930/23671
  • Sourinis - Theologos
    Sourinis exists since 1975 and you can also find their products in other shops in Thassos.
    CONTACT: Theologos - Thassos
    Tel.: 0030/25930/31438
  • Iris Gold Factory - Limenaria
    Iris Gold is considered one of the top production units for jewelry in Greece . Here you can buy gold and silver jewelry, icons or photo frames. Tourists can also visit their workshop.
  • Gregory's Jewelery store - Limenas
    At Gregory's you can find: gold and silver jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories and watches .
    CONTACT : Limenas( Thassos Town ), Thassos
    ?el.: 2593023072
    Fax : 2593023072
  • Mironis Jewelery store - Limenas
    CONTACT: John Mironis Jewlery Store
    Thassos Island-Limenas
    Tel: 2593022132 - 2593023925
  • Meandros Jewelery store - Limenaria & Potos
    CONTACT: Potos, Thassos
    Tel.: +302593052850
    Limenaria, Thassos
    Tel.: +302593051898

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