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Thassos Island - Festivals

There are a number of cultural, musical and folklore festivals on Thassos each year. The Festival of Ancient Drama held in the old theatre is the most important. Musical events are held in the Stadium. Among the folk celebrations, the re-enactment of a Thassos wedding at Theologos and the events connected with the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin at Panagia on August 15 are the most interesting.

In the village of Panagia takes place the famous carnival of the island. In Limenaria, the fair of St. George takes place on the third day after Easter, when people perform the rain dance, to rain in April. 

Every year Festivals in Thassos and Kavala Prefecture

  • June
    Kazavitiana Festival in Thassos Island
  • 5-15 July
    Ethnic Festival Cosmopolis
  • 15 July - 6 September
    Filippoi - Thassos Festival
  • 19-20 July
    Cultural Events at Platamonas and Filippoi
  • 26-27 July
    Cultural Events at Saint Kosmas at Village Saint Panteleimonas
  • 28-31 July
    Events of Cultural Association Kehrokampos
  • 27 July - 2 August
    "Grapes" Celebration at Elaiohori
  • 1-6 August
    Cultural Events at Keramoti
  • 10-14 August
    Cultural Events at Municipality Orinou
  • 27 August - 2 September
    "Fotonesteia" Public events at Chrisoupoli

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